Project Director wanted. To change the life chances of 6,000 people.

Project Director wanted for new social impact programme in North England: a rare opportunity for a leader and manager who has a passion for delivering real social outcomes.

A local council spends about 50% of its money on 5% of its residents. The most vulnerable people cost the most. They also have the worst life chances, in whatever way you care to measure. This is despite all the layers of support that are given to them.

Changing those life chances, to the benefit of the individuals, their families and the wider community, surely means enabling them to secure and sustain independence. This probably means finding a roof and then sustaining the tenancy on that accommodation. It could well mean finding a job. In the process, we’ll have to take account somehow of their mental health or addiction or history of domestic violence or criminal record, or whatever vicious cycle their vulnerability has created.

How do we assist without creating dependency? How do we empower the most disempowered to take back their lives? How do we ensure all the support we provide is focused on enabling a long-term outcome?

If we are successful in winning the contract, we are looking for a Project Director for an incredibly exciting new programme in Kirklees, called the Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership (KBOP). This will be backed by Bridges Fund Management, a social investor with 30 Social Impact Bonds already to their name. I will be Chair of the programme.

Over the five-year contract we will work with a well-established, expert partnership of nine local charities and social enterprises. Together, we’ll be looking to move their vital floating support services, targeting the most vulnerable people (6,000 over five years), from focusing on inputs to emphasising outcomes.

We are looking for an exceptional social leader to collaborate with these providers, partner with the stakeholders, and shift the funding, culture and performance of floating services. It will take exceptional leadership, a passion for delivering impactful services, an appetite for numbers and commercial acumen. Above all else, it will take a demonstrated belief in the potential of our service users. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please drop me a note and I will send over the job description.

2 Responses to “Project Director wanted. To change the life chances of 6,000 people.”
  1. Dan Dowling says:

    Excellent initiative, big lessons to be learned from the ESF Families Programme.

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