Kabul launch

(New business/tender opportunity?)
As flagged in a recent post, I am working with the World Bank and MoLSAMD (Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs & Disabled) in Kabul on two employment pilots.The Notices of Prequalification for both pilots – called PLACED – have now been cleared for publication. These will shortly appear on the UNDB website. If anyone would like to receive a copy of the Notices, please let me know. 
In brief, these are the:
  • PLA pilot – Placing Labour Abroad – which aims to assist in the opening of formal labour migration corridors, with the immediate objective of linking 2,000 Afghanistan workers with jobs in the UAE;
  • CED pilot – Connecting to Employment Domestically – which aims to inform development of employment services in Afghanistan, with an initial objective of helping 2,400 young jobseekers in Kabul to secure and sustain jobs.
Planning is shortly commencing on scaled-up programmes to follow these pilots, targeting hundreds of thousands of people.
Both are being contracted out, with outcome-based contracts. Around 80% of the payments to the providers will be linked to job entries and sustained employment. Providers will be selected on the quality of their technical proposals, not on price.
Briefing Workshops are being held for anyone who would like further information. These will be conducted at: MoLSAMD in Kabul on 18th July 2018 at 9:00 a.m. (local time) and the World Bank offices in Dubai on 19th July 2018 at 2:00 p.m. (local time).
(Watch this space for outcome-based contracts in the pipeline in Ethiopia! There we are developing a programme, to be contracted in the same way, that will link refugees with jobs in the host country.)
2 Responses to “Kabul launch”
  1. Richard Johnson says:

    Thank you Caitlin. There is, of course, strong evidence of the social and economic benefits that migrants/refugees, such as those you heard about, can bring to their new country.

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